๐Ÿ’ŽS1: Mega Week

It's time for Mega Week! Running from 31 Jan, to 10 Feb!

The best part about MegaWeek: THE POINTS. Not only will loyalty points be boosted, but we have 3 million extra EigenLayer points for everyone!

For the first 20,000 ETH staked during Mega Week you get 100 bonus EigenLayer points or the proportionate amount. There's a limited supply to stake now!

For every current holder of eETH or weETH, we are distributing an extra 1 million EigenLayer points during this MegaWeek as a thank you to all the current loyal members.

The badges we've introduced for Mega Week will be special variable badges, since they will hold EigenLayer points and loyalty points, unlike current badges that only hold loyalty points!

Badge 1: Mega Legacy

Mega Legacy is for all current depositors and holders of eETH/weETH whether it's in a wallet or a DeFi integration somewhere, a total of 1 million points will be distributed amongst all the current holders every hour for the whole of MegaWeek. You will see the number tick up on the badge every hour! Additionally, current holders also earn an additional 2x boost on loyalty points, regardless if it's in a DeFi strategy or just simple eETH, and yes, your boosted points will be double boosted!

Badge 2: Mega Minter

Mega Minter is for all new deposits and will be distributed at the end of the week to both new and old accounts proportionally to net new amount of ETH deposited. Moving eETH/weETH around and causing your balance to dip will disqualify you from earning any bonus, if warranted, all points on an account will be removed if found trying to game the system, you do not want to be the holder of the "Sad Pepe" badge:

Here is a recap:

From 31 Jan, 18:00 UTC, till 10 Feb, 18:00 UTC, 1 million EigenLayer points will be distributed as part of the "Mega Legacy" badge, additionally for any new deposit, 2 million EigenLayer points will be distributed via the "Mega Minter" badge, 100 EigenLayer points per 1 ETH staked or the proportional amount, the first 20k ETH staked during this period will receive the bonus.

Swapping or withdrawing eETH/weETH to game the system will result in disqualification for this promotion and all your points on all accounts will be lost.

All MegaLegacy badges holders will also receive a 2x loyalty bonus on top of their normal or boosted points generation.

Now finally, you might also ask, where do these points come from ? Simple, our treasury, but why keep the boring points all to ourselves if supporters of eETH can enjoy them more!

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