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Loyalty Points

How do loyalty points work on
This will address Loyalty Points as they relate to eETH/weETH only. With regards to, Loyalty Points will continue to accrue in the same way they always have. For more, see Loyalty Points. One other important clarification is that ALL LOYALTY POINTS (from or ARE THE SAME. This includes Loyalty Points earned from the Early Adopter Pool,, eETH and weETH. A point is a point. There are simply just some more nuanced use cases for them in that relate to the gamified environment that the community has created, and we envision the same for eETH as we continue to hit on our roadmap.

Points szn - x EigenLayer

eETH/weETH holders will earn EigenLayer points in addition to Loyalty Points, as will be restaking on EigenLayer. The protocol will be remitting 100% of these points received to eETH holders from day 1, and displaying stakers allocation of the EigenLayer points in their dashboard.
To clarify,
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    The protocol will pass 100% of points and any benefits from points to users and will not withhold ANY points
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    The points you see in your dashboard is an estimate that accounts for the point delay in activating a natively restaked validator, as points only begin to accrue once the validator is active on the beacon chain. This variation can range from 1-10% depending on the volume of ETH inflow into the protocol on a day.
The protocol only grants points based on your eETH/weETH balance, in your wallet or in an LP/vault, and the amount of eETH you have can fluctuate if you're in an LP. See Integrations - Points for further details of each integration.
Where will Loyalty Points be displayed.
They are shown on the Dapp once you connect your wallet. These points will accrue in real time.​
What can I do with Loyalty Points?
Loyalty Points will play a role in decentralized governance. Stay tuned for more 👀
How to earn Loyalty Points.
The easiest way is to simply stake your ETH on As we continue to rollout our partnerships and integrations, we will implement programs for users to begin earning additional points for LP’ing into DeFi protocols that we integrate with, referring frens, quests to L2’s, etc. etc. Please be aware that you will only continue to earn Loyalty Points if your wallet is holding eETH, weETH, or if you have followed one of the ecosystem paths that we have provided in our official ecosystems page.​
Loyalty Points formula
By staking .001 Ether, you will receive 1 point / day.
This simply means that loyalty points earned = ETH staked * 1000 * days staked
Example: If you have 5 ETH staked for 6 days, you will receive 30k of loyalty points (5 * 1000 *6) 💪
For our whales, there is a sizeable cap on total loyalty points earned of 10¹².​
Can I lose my Loyalty Points?
No. You will not lose any of your Loyalty Points in relation to your eETH / weETH. They will simply stop accruing if you no longer hold these assets in your wallet. As mentioned, once turned on, activities such as LP’ing into various protocols and moving your ETH to L2’s will also continue to generate you Loyalty Points. Join the discord for updates on this rollout as eETH becomes composable throughout all of DeFi.
Risks Involved with Points Earned from Liquidity Pools (LP)
Please note that the point tracking ratio on liquidity pools is always changing. Points are given to the pool based on the ratio of our token (weETH) to another token(s) in the pool. For that reason, the ratio of points given out is constantly changing. To compensate for less points, there may be a boost; please take all of this into consideration if you are trying to maximize points.
Loyalty Points for Operation Solo Stakers, Bond holders (B-NFT’s) and 32 ETH Stakers
These members are pivotal pieces of our ecosystem and we want to ensure we recognize them as such. Rest assured we have extra boosts and acknowledgements for the foundational backbone of the protocol and Ethereum network. More to come on this for your service. 🫡​
Can I transfer my Loyalty Points?
Badges are a way to collect additional loyalty points by performing certain actions. You can collect the "eETH Luminary" badge by minting eETH during our launch and whitelisted period. Or if you've held your NFTs till now, you will be able to unlock one or more of the badges. See our badges page for more info.