What is Liquid?

Liquid is a new automated DeFi strategy vault, only available on ether.fi. Earn yields, loyalty points and EigenLayer points on your ether.fi assets. The very best of DeFi, all in one place.

How does Liquid work?

After depositing tokens into Liquid, youโ€™ll receive the LP token LQIDETHFIV1, which entitles you to returns from DeFi protocols in which the strategy operates, as well as any additional ether.fi rewards.

Is there coverage for Liquid?

ether.fi users can purchase cover from Nexus Mutual, a decentralized insurance alternative. They have added the following Bundled Protocol Cover listings to their dApp. See coverage details

What DeFi protocols does Liquid support?

Currently, Liquid supports Uniswap V3, Balancer, Aave V2/V3, Morpho Blue, and Curve/Convex.

Will Liquid support more/new protocols in the future?

Liquid will support new protocols in the future, stay tuned for more information.

What is a strategy provider?

The strategy provider is an institutional investor who deploys capital at scale. They provide liquidity by fulfilling withdrawals. The strategy for this vault is provided by Seven Seas.

What sort of rewards does Liquid offer?

On top of protocol yields, Liquid will offer either.fi loyalty points and EigenLayer points. Points earned from Liquid work the same way as points from holding eETH in any other DeFi protocol, and they will continue to play a part in Season 2 events.

What fees are charged on Liquid?

A 2% platform fee is charged for vault management. This is taken periodically (typically once per day) when the vault rebalances its position. This fee is already reflected in your balance. A small discount ranging from 1 basis point is taken from your LP at time of withdrawal. This discount is charged to compensate for the Solver gas costs of fulfilling the withdrawal.

How long do withdrawals take?

Withdrawals may take up to 3 days in the Withdrawal queue. In the future, the vault will feature an option to adjust your withdrawal period from 72 hours at a small discount rate of 1bp, to 6 hours at 15bps.

Can I deposit ETHFI on Liquid?

At this time, Liquid does not support depositing ETHFI. You may deposit eETH, weETH, or WETH.

Will I continue to earn my initial points from staking eETH including the points Iโ€™ll earn on liquid?

The points earned will be on a full TVL basis (similar to holding eETH). Additionally, your loyalty points are multiplied with a boost on Liquid (see Liquid page for current boost level), so youโ€™ll earn even more points than just holding regular eETH.

How is Net APY calculated?

Net APY is a sum of:

  1. Estimated APY from DeFi protocols and ETH staking yield

  2. Rewards APY from any additional token rewards

Estimated APY is constantly changing due to fluctuating protocol and staking yields. Because of this, the Net APY may fluctuate as well.

Why did my Daily Check-In drop after I deposited into Liquid?

We are currently updating the Daily Check-In badge to include Liquid deposits. Stay tuned for more details.

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