This referral program covers both and, each 0.1 ETH staked via or earns the person who stakes and the the person who referred 100 loyalty points.

Referrals on

Referrals are now live for eETH staking! You can generate your referral link by connecting your wallet on and then navigating to the portfolio page where you'll find a button to generate the link.

On sharing your link with your friend, they should see the following banner when they stake ETH.

For every 0.1 ETH staked, you and your friend will both earn 100 loyalty points!

Happy staking and remember to spread the cheer to everyone!

Referrals on

Read below on the sunsetting of our previous referral program for!

The new program is similar to the referral program we have for since you will now be using your address as the referral code and not the NFT id, here is a summary of the new program.

Once you generate the referral link by selecting a you own, the following modal should open:

You can now copy and share this link to your friends, and you will both earn 100 loyalty points per 0.1 ETH staked via a Upon them using the link, the should see the referral section of the mint modal being populated:

Happy staking and remember to spread the cheer to everyone!

Sunsetting of old Referral Program

Our previous referral program for used the NFT id as a referral code, going forward, all referrals will use the address of the person generating the referral code.

Example of old referral code:

Example of new referral code:

The old legacy program for awarded 0.01 ETH per referral up to a maximum of 1 ETH along with a 1M cap on total loyalty points from referrals. The ETH rewards will now be removed, however the new program has no cap on the loyalty points you can accumulate.

Other notables

The protocol reserves the right to review and remove any instances of users gaming the referral point program. This program is meant to promote the ecosystem and is not designed for users to gain an unfair advantage through wallet manipulation tactics.

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