๐ŸฅฉOperation Solo Staker

Decentralizing Ethereum one node at a time!

Welcome to the documentation for Ether.fi's Operation Solo Staker, it's great to have you here ๐Ÿฅณ

What is Operation Solo Staker?

So you want to be part of the journey to decentralize Ethereum? This is the place to start!

Right now there are ~5,500 nodes running Ethereum, and about half are based in the US. Of these, over half are in a single data center in Virginia, 20 minutes away from the white house and the CIA headquarters. This is not a truly decentralized system. Ethereum needs Solo Operators!


Provides the ETH, software and

technical support.

Provide the hardware and internet connection. No bond requirement needed thanks to DVT.

So how does it work?

  • Ether.fi has ETH that has been deposited by stakers.

  • That ETH is then staked by Ether.fi to create Ethereum validators.

  • For each 32 ETH deposited, one validator key is generated.

  • These validator keys need to be given to node operators to perform validator duties such as proposing blocks and attesting (voting) to say that they are happy with the chain, etc.

  • But if all those validator keys are given to a small number of existing node operators... it's not a truly decentralized system!

  • That's where Operation Solo Staker comes in ๐Ÿ’ก

  • Using DVT (more on that later) that single validator key can be split up and shared between multiple home stakers. This reduces operational risks and increases decentralization.

Or to put it simply...

Ether.fi provides the ETH, software and technical support to get solo stakers online. All you need is the hardware to run a validator and an internet connection. Once your machine is online, it will support and validate the Ethereum network, and you will earn rewards!

How can I get involved?


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