๐ŸšชValidator Exits

How stakers can exit their validators with ether.fi

With the Shapella upgrade, Ethereum validators may now be exited. To exit a validator with ether.fi's desktop application, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the ether.fi desktop application from "Assets" on github here: https://github.com/GadzeFinance/etherfi-desktop/releases/

  2. Open the desktop application by double clicking the ".zip" file downloaded in your "Downloads" folder (or other if not using a Mac), then double clicking on the application icon. This should open the application:

  3. In the top nav on the left, click on the the "Staker" drop down and select "Generate Exit Request". You should see something like the following:

  1. To generate a valid validator exit request, one must provide:

    1. a validator key: { provided in drop down if you staked with ether.fi }

    2. a chain: { mainnet, goerli }

    3. a validator index: { provided from beaconcha.in link that's provided }

    4. an exit epoch { provided from etherscan }

  2. When you're done clicking through the items, save your file somewhere easily remembered with "Select Save Path" button click, then click "Generate Exit Message" which will save your exit request message.

  3. To complete exit process, you must now navigate to:

    https://beaconcha.in/tools/broadcast Select the exit request message you just generated with our desktop application and click "Submit and Broadcast":

That's it! You should now see the status changed for your validator on the beaoncha.in as "Exiting".

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