Liquid vaults are automated DeFi strategies that provide ether.fi customers a simple access point to use their tokens in the DeFi ecosystem. Users simply deposit their tokens, and behind the scenes the vault allocates across a variety of DeFi positions.

As DeFi integrations grow in number, it can become challenging for the ether.fi community to keep up with the best opportunities. Additionally, some opportunities like LPing on Uniswap V3 require specific expertise to maximize performance (selecting tick ranges, etc.). Theese vaults will add new integrations over time, growing alongside eETH DeFi. This ensures that the vaults remain competitive in the rapidly evolving DeFi market and will add additional protocols that the vaults can allocate to over time.

The strategy for these vaults is provided by Seven Seas. Seven Seas has established a reputation as one of the top vault builders in DeFi. Their vaults have facilitated over $10B in liquid staking token DEX volume, have over $600M in LST exposure through leveraged staking, and have received direct incentives from many of the top DeFi projects.

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