Install the Obol Mainnet Etherfi package

Navigate to the DAppStore page and enter the following IPFS hash, then click Search.

Obol Mainnet Etherfi IPFS Hash

Under ADVANCED OPTIONS make sure the toggle for Bypass only signed safe restriction is on so that the package can be installed.

Skip all the questions during installation without filling out any fields.

After installation is finished, navigate to the Obol Package and click on the tab BACKUP.

Click "Backup Now", which will download a file with a .tar.xz ending. Expand the file and you should see the following contents.

Delete all files from the charon1 directory. Now expand the keyshare file you received from ether.fi and put all the contents into the charon1 directory.

Next, create a file called enr (just enr without a file ending). Open the file in a text editor and paste your enr text shared with you together with the keyshare file. Save the file and exit.

Your contents should now look like the following:

Only charon1 has changed. The other folders have to stay unchanged.

Now you have to pack all the charon folders back to a .tar.xz file. This is different on all OSs but on Linux and macOS, you can do the following in the Terminal:

cd directory-with-charon-folders
tar -cvf obol-backup.tar ./
xz obol-backup.tar

On macOS you might need to install the xz package with Homebrew: https://formulae.brew.sh/formula/xz

After those commands, you should see an obol-backup.tar.xz. You will need it in the next step.

Open the Dappnode interface again and go to packages. Make sure to start the package "Obol", as the containers should be stopped right now. You need to be fast with the next step, as otherwise the Obol package will exit again and you need to start it again before continuing.

Next, navigate to the Obol packages Backup tab.

Click "Restore" and select your obol-backup.tar.xz you created just before. Restore from this file.

This should be it. If you notice any errors during Restore, start the obol package again and click restore again. It takes a few tries sometimes to get it right.

You can now check your Logs now and tell ether.fi that you finished the process.

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