๐ŸงชTestnet (Goerli)

While the Avado machines have a large enough SSD to hold both Mainnet and Testnet Ethereum chains, you will have lower performance if you try to run both chains simultaneously.

If you are already running a Mainnet chain, it is best to pause those packages if you want to use a Testnet chain (e.g. Goerli). If you are running a Mainnet validator, pausing the Mainnet chain will stop that validator from performing its duties!

Once you have your Avado machine set up, the next step is to install the Goerli Testnet packages and begin syncing the chain.

Install Geth and Teku Clients

Navigate to the DappStore menu and look for Goerli Execution Client (geth) and Prater Validator + Beacon Chain (Teku). These can be found under the Blockchain Testnets heading.

The search feature didn't work for me, so you can just use the browsers search function, or look down the list manually ๐Ÿ‘€

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