ETHFI Allocations

The eligibility for the ETHFI token was determined by contribution to the protocol, community and greater ecosystem over time.


Core Contributors


The people who continue to work tirelessly to bring the protocol and community into existence. This allocation will be vested over a 3-year schedule.

DAO Treasury


The Ecosystem Fund is a program meant to stimulate development in the and greater Ethereum ecosystem by providing funding to projects and communities. 1% is committed

to the Protocol Guild.

User Airdrops


A series of airdrops to reward users for specific helpful behaviors, beginning with Airdrop Season 1 with 6% of the total ETHFI supply.



These funds will be distributed strategically by the Foundation to ensure long-term growth in the ecosystem



This allocation will be vested over a 2-year schedule.

There is a 1 year cliff for all vested ETHFI holders.

The ETHFI token has been fully minted with a fixed supply of 1B. There will be no further issuance.

The allocations aim to promote long term, deep engagement in key governance decisions toward the continued success of the protocol. This decentralization process ensures that will be governed and stewarded by a committed group of contributors, collaborating to ensure that is appropriately resourced to achieve its mission and goals for many years to come.

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