Airdrop Season 1

The distribution and eligibility for the ETHFI airdrop were designed to engage members of the ecosystem and key stakeholders, encourage protocol productivity, contributions and growth.

11% of the total ETHFI token supply is allocated to User Airdrops. The first airdrop will distribute 6% of the ETHFI token supply. The Season 2 airdrop will be 5% of token supply. Any unclaimed Season 1 ETHFI tokens will be given back to the Treasury to be used in Season 2.

The eligibility for the ETHFI token airdrop has been determined by a user's contribution to the development and growth over time, including stakers and Ether.Fan holders who have been with us on the journey from the start. We also took into account protocols listed on DeFi section of

What were the rules to be eligible?

  • Anyone who earned more than 1000 points or more from staking

    • A user can get 1000 points by staking 1 ETH for 1 day, or 0.1 ETH for 10 days

  • Additional, bonuses allocations were given to:

    • Holders of fan NFTs

    • Participating solo stakers in Operation Solo Staker

    • Badge holders and Referrers received a boosted allocation

Who wasn't eligible?

  • Users with less than 1000 points from staking activity. Points from badges do not qualify as staking activity

    • A user can get 1000 points by staking 1 ETH for 1 day, or 0.1 ETH for 10 days

  • Users who were part of the Early Adopters Program (EAP), but did not transition out of the EAP

How was the token allocation for Season 1 calculated?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why did you choose a linear model rather than tiered? Tiered airdrops are quite easy to game and universally suffer from sybil attacks. For a staking protocol, especially one that integrates with DeFi partners across the ecosystem, a (mostly) linear airdrop is essential in order to respect holders of those DeFi positions, such as Pendle YT.

  • Did whale deposits dilute everyone else? No, in fact large deposits increased everyone's allocation. The Final Countdown promotion was a matching model where 0.125% of tokens would go to every 50k ETH staked, and a matching 0.125% would go to existing stakers. As a result of Final Countdown stakers, the community received an additional 7.7M tokens allocated to them.โ€จ

The airdrop is backwards-looking and the snapshot for eligible activity was taken on 03-15-2024 0:01 UTC.

We strongly advise our community members to exercise caution and be wary of potential scams. Always ensure any webpages related to that you visit have the domain. community moderators will never message you first or ask you for personal information.

Check your eligibility here

Claim period will go live on March 18, 2024. Note: Claim period will end 90 days from start time.

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